Precision machining cannot prescind from the use of top quality tool machines. Based on Gasparin OMG requirements, they entrusts primary hydrostatic milling and boring machines manufacturing companies, providing them with design indications of the machines. The Gasparin OMG machinery perform both rough-grinding and finishing machining. Machining such as boring, threading and drilling reach centesimal precision. The Gasparin OMG machines are sturdy and powerful: they work on the tool with a 100 Kwatt power. They are suitable for any steel machining, casting bodies and forged bodies. They are extremely versatile: machines working at 9 axes simultaneously and which can implement any drawing. The combination of work power and versatility make machining fast; shorter times mean lower costs for the customer. The work deck reaches 18 metres by 4 metre high, with continuous rototranslating boards. To see machining examples of single 6000 mm x 4000 mm casting bodies, refer to the gallery images of the realised power station turbines.

Gasparin OMG are maniacs in machine maintenance. It is of primary importance for the machinery to be kept 100% efficient and precise in machining.
The machinery is subjected to periodical services and checks by the supplier companies' specialised technicians. Calibration is by means of optic reading with laser detectors. The Gasparin OMG philosophy in managing the machine inventory, is of constant renewal: on one side necessary due to machine wear and on the other opportune as technological innovations provide improved performing tool machines. It is the rule that new machines are intended for finishing work and the existing ones for rough-grinding/milling, where less precision is requested. This renewal and management logic of the machine inventory creates a regular financial amortisation flow allowing Gasparin OMG continuous sector competitiveness. It is necessary to consider the material changeability upon varying of the temperature, in steel precision machining. Therefore, it is important to check material and tool machine temperature, before and during machining. Gasparin OMG has an air conditioning system for steel precision machining, that guarantees constant temperature in the work areas dedicated to finishing, varying from 25° in the summer to 15° in the winter. Gasparin OMG offer solutions to the more particular requests: for example, machining is carried out with controlled climate at 10°C for a Swedish customer. Gasparin OMG has also built autoclaves and plants for the pharmaceutical sector where precision parameters and the absence of extremely prohibitive impurities, must be respected.