Gasparin OMG realises large metal framework constructions. Gasparin OMG realise every framework construction requiring the welding and assembly of elements, in addition to the precision machining of casting pieces. Gasparin OMG has realised heavy framework constructions for the shipbuilding sector, for important international companies in the production of electric energy, for pharmaceutical production plants, tobacco cutting and curing plants, and for a tunnelling company for the excavation of underground railway/road tunnels (see image at the side showing the construction of an excavator sector for tunnels). Gasparin OMG is able to work based on customer drawings or design the structure to be built. Projects of smaller elements are also developed. Parts are flame-cut, welded and assembled in the workshop.
All Gasparin OMG welders attend upgrading courses and are patented with UNI EN 287-1 patent issued by RINA (International verification, certification and ship classification group). It goes without saying that all milling, boring, threading machining are also carried out in-house. Any required thermal treatment is carried out by partner companies, the quality of which Gasparin OMG guarantees. Painting is carried out both in-house and outsourced. Gasparin OMG also carries out the structure's final assembly: assembly of mechanical, hydraulic and electrical components, thus being able to test the machinery/structure before it leaves the machining workshops. Gasparin OMG has secured a collaboration with Gasparin Impianti SRL, manufacturing company of screening and crushing plants. All steel framework elements of the plants, from frame to rotors, are realised for Gasparin Impianti. Some plant elements (e.g.: hydraulic pistons), not found on the market due to their large dimensions, are directly manufactured by Gasparin OMG Gasparin OMG also assembles the plants and tests them, providing Gasparin Impianti with the product ready for delivery to the customer.